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Training in Security and Fire Fighting

Training in Security and Fire Fighting

Training is necessary to enhance skills. The training sessions conducted at our own training centre have sharpened the skills of Security officers, supervisors, and guards working with us and made them experts in the fields of industrial security, fire fighting, first aid, social security, vigilance and detection. While developing professional skills of our own staff, we also train our clients. We undertake training assignments on contract and monthly basis.

Security training provided by SS Group is a step-by-step learning process that covers not only simpler lessons like first aid but also complex lessons like fire fighting and self-defense. A little spark can turn into ignition. The knowledge of how to handle a fire is not useless at any point of time. After all, safety and self-defense are powerful tools of self-protection.

We focus on following parameters while giving lessons of safety:

  • Safety precautions and self-defense
  • Accident prevention and fire fighting tactics
  • Knowledge of electronic security system
  • Handling crime situation
  • Vigilance
Get trained today; awareness is better than ignorance